About Ecopreneur Media, Inc.

Ecopreneur is dedicated to increase environmental awareness in the business industry and provide valuable insight on environmental issues faced today.

We live for changing the world, together.

We live by three C’s: compassion, communication, and community. It is these values that shape the company and what we stand for in society. 

Today in the media, it is common to find that most news is negative and not necessarily working towards solutions. Especially concerning climate change. That’s where we come in. Ecopreneur acts as the bridge between sustainable brands and the future. We aim to build positive partnerships, engage with others on challenges faced and how we may overcome them, and framing structures in the correct way.

We must be inclusive and positive, look for shared values, and build common goals.

Our Vision

To create a world in which we live in harmony with the Earth and consider every action taken with regard to protecting it. Ecopreneur is set out to positively change the mindset of every leader, beginning with you.

Our Awesome Team

Philip Toussaint

Philip Toussaint

Co-Founder & CEO

As the CEO, Phil is the digital mogul in digital marketing. He understands the ins and outs of online marketing and has generated over $500K in revenue for his marketing clients by age 23.

With 4+ years in the digital marketing and environmental spaces, he brings a plethora of experiences and knowledge ready to effectively lead the team.

Conor Soucy

Conor Soucy

Co-Founder & Chief Media Officer

A creator at heart, Conor has worked in the film, political, and environmental industries. His services range from video production, communications, social media, and graphic design. He is a bicoastal producer. 

Conor served as the Media & Content Director for Governor Deval Patrick’s Presidential Campaign.

Kennedy Muise

Kennedy Muise

Chief Editor & Writer

Kennedy is passionate about many social issues, such as homelessness, inequality, immigration, and is interested in how these issues intersect with those relating to the environment.

By informing others about eco-friendly companies, Kennedy is driven to inspire readers to take action in their communities in solidarity for the preservation of our planet.

Celia Dolan

Celia Dolan


Celia Dolan graduated from Stonehill College in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.

She currently works as the Assistant Farm Manager at The Farm at Stonehill where she strengthens her passion for sustainability, farming, and food justice while exploring her interest in outdoor and agricultural education.

When she’s not working, you can find Celia hiking, listening to music, reading, and writing in various ways (think: nature writing, poetry, and articles for NOFA, Ecopreneur, and other non-profit organizations).

Louisa Rossel

Louisa Rossel


Louisa Rossel is currently a senior at Stonehill College studying Education and Environmental Studies. She is constantly seeking creative ways to convey that people are not powerless in the fight against climate change.

She hopes fellow adventure-seekers feel empowered knowing that traveling doesn’t necessary need to go hand in hand with harming our beautiful Earth.

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