About Ecopreneur Media, Inc.

Ecopreneur is dedicated to increase environmental awareness in the business industry and provide valuable insight on environmental issues faced today.

We are the green resource point dedicated to building and securing a positive future for further generations. We live for changing the world, together.

We live by three C’s: compassion, communication, and community. It is these values that shape the company and what we stand for in society. 

Today in the media, it is common to find that most news is negative and not necessarily working towards solutions. Especially concerning climate change. That’s where we come in. Ecopreneur acts as the bridge between sustainable brands and the future. We aim to build positive partnerships, engage with others on challenges faced and how we may overcome them, and framing structures in the correct way.

We must be inclusive and positive, look for shared values, and build common goals.

Our Vision

To create a world in which we live in harmony with the Earth and consider every action taken with regard to protecting it. Ecopreneur is set out to positively change the mindset of every leader, beginning with you.

Our Story

How We Got Started

It all started when our co-founder and CEO, Philip Toussaint, embarked on a trip to the Everglades, Florida and the rest is history…

Coming across many examples online and on social media of businesses of all sizes not understanding how to become green sparked our inspiration. Not having that go-to source was unacceptable, and we knew we had to create it.

Where We Are Now

Fast forward to now, we are now establishing connections with numerous sustainable brands and featuring on our platform launch coming soon.

Pictured From Left to Right: Philip Toussaint, CEO & Co-Founder; Conor Soucy, Chief Media Officer & Co-Founder; Kennedy Muise, Chief Editor

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