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We meet with Roxanne Meadows, a futurist who has presented her ideas to 25 countries globally. She tells us about a future society, with a “Resource Based Economy”. Watch it here!


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Forget money, meet the future.

What is The Venus Project?
The Venus Project is a non-profit organization founded by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows with the intention of building social equity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

How will they do this? Through a resource-based economy.

A resource-based economy is a system without money. Instead, it is based on an equal exchange of resources. The Venus Project is committed to using science and technology to provide all the earth’s people with the resources they need to live harmoniously.  

So, what would that look like? We travelled there to find out.

Roxanne Meadows

Roxanne has been living at the research facility for decades, and her knowledge of their directive is unparalleled. 

Together, we discussed the future of our planet. 

Fresco’s vision

1. Society changes

A resource-based economy calls for changes in significant areas of our lives. Fresco imagined a future where currency, architecture, and livelihoods are reinvented for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

2. No one is left behind

Conventional money is eliminated, but the wealth of all individuals flourishes. Today, we can meet the basic needs of everyone. We just need to use technology the right way.

3. A sustainable tomorrow

It’s about optimization, in an ethical way. It’s about being innovative and using technology. We start by valuing the world over money.  


Our CEO, Philip Toussaint lead a crew to the research center in Venus, Florida. We conducted a sit down interview and filmed the entire tour.

The Venus Project‘s private location is a short distance from Lake Placid. If you travel there, don’t get lost! It’s off the beaten path.


Roxanne showed us the designs & models created by Jacque Fresco, who has become an icon among architects devoted to futuristic designs.

Fresco passed away in 2017, but his ideas live on through Roxanne and a community of out-of-the-box thinkers who identify with his big ideas.


Many think an Ecopreneur is someone that makes greater money by being green.

The truth is, an Ecopreneur always seeks to increase their wealth. But, they believe value comes from the betterment of the world. 

That’s how our wealth can be far more rewarding.