The Red White and Blue Project

  • Date: Summer 2020
  • Product Involved: Thermoball Jacket
  • Project Type: USA-based Beach Clean Ups

About this Project

We seek to match the powers of The North Face and 4Ocean to combat the issue of plastic pollution on key beaches within the U.S. that need clean-ups. Ecopreneur plans to do this by harnessing the power of volunteerism and incentivization.

World Waste Platform: https://opendata.letsdoitworld.org/#/

Our Why

Ecopreneur aims to change your perception of an eco-conscious individual!

We plan to do this by simply allowing anyone and everyone to participate in environmental projects and activities near them. Our goal is to create ecopreneurs that will advocate for your brand.


From That ➡️ To This

What if we could turn everybody into an ecopreneur?

Ecopreneur does this by providing engaging content with a positive emotional trigger and through incentivized activism. Our goal is to tackle the issue of slacktivism.

Benefits of this type of campaign:

  • Positive Recognition
  • Mission-Driven Content
  • Creating Trust Engagement 
  • Showcasing of Key Project Values
  • Connecting Relevant Projects to Brands


Incentivized Activism: To boost awareness and participation towards a particular cause. The products and campaigns speak to a consumer preference for mutually beneficial endeavours, while at the same time pushing unlikely patrons in a more responsible direction.

Emotional Trigger: Ecopreneur provides video content that revolves around the projects. This will in turn spark and engage people to take action.

Slacktivism: Actions taken to bring about social change but requiring only minimal commitment, effort,or risk (i.e. signing an online petition).

How do we plan on incentivizing people?

By providing people with a free North Face Thermoball jacket when they complete a set required amount of volunteer work for the campaign. The jackets will be capped by the number of volunteers needed!

This would allow Ecopreneur to build a unique brand lift campaign around the jacket for natural promotion.

Thermoball Jacket

The new ThermoBall Eco is the same award-winning lightweight down alternative jacket we have all grown to love, at the same price. It has the same product performance, but for one important difference: It’s made from recycled polyester fabric and recycled insulation. Just the recycled insulation alone, sourced from our partners at Primaloft, is spun from at least five plastic bottles that are diverted from the landfill. (https://www.thenorthface.com/about-us/news/2018/ThermoBall-Eco.html)


What project do we plan on coordinating with 4Ocean?


This would allow our ecopreneurs to earn the Thermoball jacket as a reward for volunteering for the projects we make available. 

4Ocean gains value by being positively affiliated with this project and fulfilling their brand mission of beachside and ocean clean ups.


Ecopreneur Media Presents:

The Venus Project | Jacque Fresco’s Legacy to Earth

This is an example of the quality of video content that Ecopreneur is able to produce for this brand lift campaign.

From this initial video campaign, Ecopreneur received $502 in donations from the production of this documentary. When we asked one volunteer why she donated, she stated that the content we produced “moved her” and she felt as though she needed to take action somehow.

Metrics: 11K views generated | 600 Likes | 55 Comments

What would our show cover as a topic for this project?

  • Plastic Pollution/Ocean Health Segment

Philosophical Question: What do you do with people from your own social circle who are deeply ingrained into the disposable culture, but are interested or unwilling to change their behavior? (http://www.planetexperts.com/5-common-questions-plastic-pollution/)

Campaign Costs & Strategies

Cost of the Brand Lift Campaign Paid to Ecopreneur: TBD

Beaches to Be Targeted in the USA: To Be Determined with 4Ocean

Jackets to Be Donated by The North Face: Dependent on the Amount of Volunteers Needed for the Campaign

Total Campaign Cost for The North Face: TBD

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